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Self Storage Tips: Storing for Cooler Weather

With fall around the corner, Better Boxes Self Storage wants to assist you when swapping your items. Before arriving at your storage unit there are a few self storage tips that will make your experience successful. Our Fort Mill SC self storage tips help you when storing in our indoor temperature controlled units. These unit provide an unchanging environment for your belongings. Stop by to take a tour and find the storage unit you need.

Fort Mill SC Self Storage Tips

Seasonal Clothing

  1. Place boxes along the edges of your storage unit with labels facing out. The key to storage, is organization.
  2. Before taping the moving boxes closed, go through and make a few edits to clothes you no longer wear.

Patio Chairs

  1. Fabric covers and cushions that sit outside all season hold in pollen and dirt. Before moving chair pads to storage, clean with soap and water or send off to an industrial cleaning company.
  2. A touch of bleach in your soapy water will lift stains from the last cookout.
  3. For plastic chairs, give them a fresh new look with paint or wax.
  4. Metal chairs and tables get rust fast after a season of summer storms. If you notice a spot of rust, sand it down and reapply paint to protect it while in storage.

Outdoor Tools and AppliancesĀ 

  1. Once grilling season is over, remove grates, burners, and utensils so they can be cleaned. Leaving food remnants on the grill will attract critters in your unit.
  2. Propane and similar flammable items should be left at home. Gasoline tanks, propane, charcoal, etc. should be stored at home in a safe, cool environment.

Better Boxes Self Storage can be the storage solution you need this coming season. Whether you are making room around the house or your office is expanding, Fort Mill SC self storage tips is helpful, and with the self storage tips to go along with it, you are set for storage this fall.

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