Summer Gear

The hot hazy days of summer are coming back. Now is the perfect time to get your summer gear ready for action with Better Boxes Self Storage in Fort Mill, SC. You’ll be amazed how easy it is to plan for every summer adventure when your gear is always ready.Every new family trip or summer activity needs equipment. Most of this large summer equipment can take up a whole room in your house. Don’t let it take over your spare bedroom, give your summer gear the safe secure space it requires with a storage unit.Hesitating to plan an early morning fishing trip because of access hours? Talk with your property manager about the possibilities for extended hours. Most sites have these benefits for a small fee. Talk with us about how we can help you plan. KAYAKS / CANOES: A breathable cover allows for moisture to escape while in storage. To prevent any mold, allow for proper drying time.Get a storage unit large enough to lay your personal boat on a shelf or against a wall.Life vests and inflatable toys can be damaged by high temperatures and humidity. Examine them before heading out on the water.Replace any rigging or straps that have dry-rotted or will not last the next season. BEACH SUPPLIES: Sand has a way getting everywhere. Don’t store anything without cleaning it first.Inspect everything before taking out of storage. The sun can ruin plastic toys and cause them to be brittle and break.Come up with a list of items you are missing.Do not store food or batteries in your unit. Remember to clean all coolers out and take the batteries out of fans and other equipment. Don’t get stuck cleaning your summer equipment on the first nice day. Get ready now with Better Boxes Self Storage. ...

May 1st, 2017