Making a Home Office? Self Storage Can Help!


Are you transitioning into a work from home lifestyle? A home office is a great option for your life. Now is the time to take back your home with the use of self storage, so you can make your extra space into a home office. Better Boxes Self Storage in Fort Mill SC provides multiple storage solutions to continue running your business and to convert some extra space around your home into an office. Check out some of our tips to help you get started! Keep it as spacious as possible Keep your office in a separate place form your daily routines Give yourself a nice view to look at instead of a blank wall Get yourself a comfortable office chair Keep yourself organized Tips for Making a Home Gym Working out at home has also seen an upward trend. This is a great option for those that want to save money from gym membership fees See how you can get started down below! Keep it as spacious as possible for all of your workout routines Convert your garage into a gym Place rubber mats to protect your flooring Stay organized with your routines Place mirrors around your gym to hype you up Self Storage at Better Boxes Better Boxes Self Storage is here to help you with any home projects you have in mind! With our wide variety of temperature controlled storage units, you will find the perfect one just for you. Our managers are on-site to explain the rental process and to answer any questions or concerns you may have for us. Ready to rent a unit from us? Start by visiting our website and take advantage of our contactless rentals today! ...

July 8th, 2020

Take On Our Spring Cleaning Challenge


Ready to spruce up the house? Get ready with our day to day calendar for spring cleaning tasks. Cleaning up after winter is simple when you have space to store your winter items. Our Fort Mill SC storage units can help! Rent today online and get organized with Better Boxes Self Storage. Week One: Bathroom Use baking soda and vinegar to unclog pipes Grapefruit and salt are the ideal soap scum destroyer Replace the shower curtain and rugs Keep it smelling fresh by adding some Pine-Sol to the toilet brush holder Week Two: Living Room Shampoo carpets, especially high traffic areas Wash the windows inside and out Wipe down the walls and touch up paint Clean couch pillows Week Three: Kitchen Clean out the pantry Wipe down shelves in the pantry and fridge Use vinegar to clean appliances Wipe down the microwave easily by heating up a bowl of water Week Four: Your Storage Unit Sweep out dust and debris Re-label boxes going back to storage Donate items to our Charity Storage auction Rent Storage Today! Our indoor storage units are helpful when swapping out the seasons. Rent online and move in the same day! We know your time is valuable so you can complete the entire rental process online now. ...

March 1st, 2020

10 Garage Organization Ideas For Spring Cleaning


Does your home storage take up valuable space? The garage and shed are great storage spots for working on home improvement projects but if your seasonal items are taking up too much room let us help you come up with a plan! These 10 garage organization ideas will help sort, clean, and organize your items. 10 Garage Storage & Organization Tips Make a few edits - chances are there are a few dried up paint cans ready for recycling. Use shelves for stacking bins instead of stacking on each other. Organize according to the category of items. Purchase or customer building shelves for each wall. Be creative with shelving and make custom organization. Use the ceiling for storage solutions too! Use a workbench with built-in cabinets and drawers. Self storage is useful for homes with limited space or big items. Have a space for toys too! Use a cubby shelf or use an old bin for easy cleanup. Keep food and chemicals out of the garage and store these safely elsewhere. Better Boxes Self Storage has storage units in Fort Mill SC ready to rent and help you get organized. Rent online or talk with our team about storing your valuables with us and taking back your home storage space! ...

February 17th, 2020



Summer is coming to an end, are you swapping a few items out at home to get ready for the new semester? Maybe now is the time you get the family involved and organize the garage after a summer of vacations. More space can be the solution for your items and our local storage in Fort Mill SC is close by! Right in Fort Mill SC, Better Boxes Self Storage has interior temperature controlled storage units ready for rent. Learn how to change seasons and stay organized while the kids head back to school. 📷 SCHOOL TIPS FOR THE BEGINNING OF THE YEAR Make a menu and shopping list of this week’s meals to help stop confusion around dinner time. Keep snacks in the fridge ready for lunch. Choose healthy snacks both you and the kids approve. Layout clothing for the week in a hanging shoe rack or spare drawer. Make mornings the first week a little easier by setting alarms to get up, gather all materials, and head to the bus stop. Stay organized when the papers start coming home on the first day with an accordion file folder. SEASONAL STORAGE: LOCAL STORAGE TIPS Swap your summer beach toys for a little extra space with a storage unit. Label boxes so you can see the difference between camping gear and beach supplies. Set up your camping tent one last time and waterproof any leaks. Keep the lid on the cooler open so there is proper airflow. Use shelves to use the most of your square footage in the storage unit. InStyle has a few helpful steps to follow when packing your clothing either for the season or for a move. Better Boxes Self Storage is your go to solution for all your space saving needs. Give us a call or stop by our local storage facility in Fort Mill SC to look at our storage options. Did you know renting online is another feature we offer? Make your move to storage seamless by renting your next storage unit online. ...

September 23rd, 2019



Life events like starting college or moving homes can be made a little easier with self storage. A safe place to keep your boxes while you finish your degree is just one way Better Boxes Self Storage, and our small storage tips can help you. Maybe your first home is short on extra space, our Fort Mill SC indoor storage units come in handy. Better Boxes Self Storage is an all interior self storage facility in Fort Mill SC. With temperature controlled storage units, you can make our storage a home for your belongings and worry less about the temperature outside. Speed up the process by renting online. 5 SMALL STORAGE TIPS Park your RV or boat in our outdoor parking spaces and keep the driveway open. Apartment storage solutions, like a small storage unit for under the bed bins or seasonal clothing boxes, can open up your closet space at the apartment. Welcoming your first child or your second, open space is needed. Store things used for the first child that can help the second. Some new parents find storage helpful to store family heirlooms until the kids are a little older. Crafters and small businesses store extra inventory in between showings. This keeps all their products safe and ready for sale. Simply get organized in a small home with self storage. Moving from a large home to a small place, has its benefits, but if you need a storage unit for the extra items, call us! Self storage has its perks for businesses and personal storage. You can rent your storage unit online! Find more small storage tips on our blog. ONLINE HOME SEARCH Check out homes for sale in Fort Mill SC with Zillow or Trulia. You can filter your search based on location, price, even rent verses buy. Let Better Boxes Self Storage assist with your next move today! ...

February 6th, 2019



How can self storage space make the start of your new year a success? Better Boxes Self Storage has Fort Mill SC storage units to help while cleaning out the garage or moving. As we enter a new year, many of our customers find themselves searching for helpful ways to organize their belongings and our storage space can be a solution. Podcasts can be an ideal starting point to tackling your new year’s resolution and Better Boxes Self Storage is here when you need space. The Millennial Homemakers can help you stay on budget with Pinterest projects and up-cycling ideas. Learn about rules for hosting family, DIY projects, and all things to do with making a house a home. Storage can be another tool to use during this process and Better Boxes Self Storage can help. PODCASTS AROUND THE OFFICE Listen while you work and solve complicated projects with Smart Passive Income or Ask Pat. Both online shows are hosted by Pat Flynn, a business coach discussing blogs, marketing and lifestyle changes. Better Boxes Self Storage is here to answer your storage questions and help you find the Fort Mill SC storage space to make this year a success. ...

January 29th, 2019



It is that time of year again to start preparing for cooler weather. Let Better Boxes Self Storage in Fort Mill, SC guide you through the long or short term storage process. We have the secure space to protect all your camping equipment and tips to find the best places to recycle near you. Start with our guide to ready the tools for the change in seasons. Staying organized is important when swapping out belongings. Before you shut the door for the winter, make sure to go through items going in and coming out. Look for anything broken or no longer useful. Send damaged goods to recycling and unwanted items to a thrift store.While swapping out your clothes keep in mind your local Goodwill and Salvation Army. These locations accept lightly used clothing and will provide them to families in need. Since winter is coming soon local shelters are another great destination for unwanted clothes, shoes and blankets.When it is time to upgrade the living room furniture schedule a pick up for the older model. Habitat for Humanity offers many donation times for used furniture. They work hard to provide gently used household items to families just starting out or going through hardships.Your local recycling authority accepts more than plastic, paper, and glass. Reach out to see if yard waste, batteries and Styrofoam containers are accepted for your weekly pick up. Recycle these easy to find products and make a difference with our environment.Get ready for back to school and pumpkin carving without worrying about your valuables. There are lots of activities to enjoy when fall rolls around and with our recycling tips you can take part. For all your belongings you want to store until next year, stop in to talk with Better Boxes Self Storage today. ...

September 6th, 2017



The house is packed, the kids are ready to move, do you know what size storage unit you need? Don’t stop the production now, get the help you need with Better Boxes Self Storage sizing chart. These handy guidelines will show you exactly how much fits in our smallest and largest units. 10×15: 2-3 ROOMS If you are moving your house around a 10×15 unit will make things a lot easier. Stay organized as you spruce up your space. You’ll have room for furniture from 2 to 3 rooms. Fit mattresses, dressers, TVs and more. 10×20: SMALL HOUSE Maybe the basement needs cleared out or the attic needs some organizing. Make the whole process easier on yourself with a little extra room. There is enough space for excess business inventory as well as a few household valuables. You’ll have plenty of space to complete any home improvement project with this storage unit. 10×30: STORE THE WHOLE HOUSE One of our largest unit has enough space, and then some, to protect the whole house. Storing your mattresses, night stands, and different appliances is tricky if space is limited. This large area has 300 square feet waiting to help you find the space for all your treasures. 12×20: RV AND BOAT PARKING We now have the RV and Boat parking spots you need. Summer is here and we wouldn’t want you to miss the exciting adventures that await. Your RV and boat have a designated spot to rest when not in use, and are easily accessible when you are ready to hit the water. TEMPERATURE CONTROLLED: FOR THE PRICELESS ITEMS If the parents are moving and they can no longer house your childhood memories it may be time to consider a unit that will protect them with the utmost care. A temperature controlled storage unit in Fort Mill, SC keeps all your items out of the rising temperatures. This is top of the line and a must have when keeping your treasures safe. Don’t stop production during your move to figure out what ...

July 10th, 2017



Spring is right around the corner and you know what that means, spring cleaning. Get on top of the winter clutter that accumulated with Better Boxes Self Storage. Pinterest is a creative site to use when you need help cleaning, renovating, or revamping your house. We have a few tips to help you stay clutter free with Pinterest. PREPARATIONS: Create a list of steps to complete for each room. If you need help coming up with all the tasks, use a checklist from Pinterest. Follow a daily monthly, or yearly schedule when organizing. If you follow a time frame your space will always be in order. TACKLING THE ISSUES: Sometimes a project can be done using supplies you already have. Search for reuse and recycle ideas. Reuse your old take-out containers to go green at your home. Don’t let the closet over take your bedroom. Keep your guest bedroom looking like an oasis and kick the clutter out. Cleaning your bathroom can be a hassle sometimes. Pinterest has the tools to make the job simple. When the warmer weather is upon us there will be cookouts and outside BBQ parties, make sure your kitchen and outdoor space are ready. CONTROLLING THE BUDGET: Budget like a pro. With so many different ways to budget, it’s hard to know which one works for you. Use Pinterest to narrow down what helps. If budgeting is new to you, and you need some help figuring out the finances, Pinterest has easy to follow steps. No matter what project you are conquering this month, Better Boxes Self Storage is here to help. We have the supplies and advice to keep you motivated. Stop in and talk with us today about all the possibilities Pinterest has. ...

March 1st, 2017



Are you overwhelmed with organizing your house? Better Boxes Self Storage has fun and easy tricks to keep every room in your house neat and tidy. Make organization your 2017 New Year’s resolution and you will be surprised how easy it is to keep it up. Look below for our best methods for straightening up your home. LIVING ROOM: Don’t overload your bookshelves with knick-knacks. Your shelves should have a majority of books, cd’s, and DVD’s. Keep unwanted cords out of sight with a charging station. Designate one area of your living room to charge your items. Magazine racks can be helpful to keep the growing stack off your coffee table. Discard old magazines after you have read them. Tidy up as you move through the house. If you’re passing from room-to-room pick up articles as you go. Don’t leave toys laying around if you are passing the toy chest on your way out of the family room. BATHROOM: Use your wall space wisely in the bathroom. Add shelves above the door or toilet for towels, products or toilet paper. Go through the medicine, cosmetics, and cleaning supplies on a regular basis and discard expired items. Hang towels behind the door to keep towels dry and gets rid of clutter in your bathroom. Under your sink can become messy fast so, keep similar objects in separate baskets. PLAY AREA: Recycle or donate unwanted toys. Organize this room with clear bins so youngsters know exactly where their favorite toys is and clean up is a breeze. Add labels to bins to help make clean up time fast and headache free. Asking family members to buy tickets to the zoo or museums for special holidays rather than toys will help cut down on an overabundance of toys MUDROOM: Designate a specific spot for shoes and coats, preferably somewhere close to the entrance of the house. Together, a coat rack, shoe shelf, and bench will convert a doorway to your house into a mud room. Take advantage of track system shelving. This gives you the freedom to customize your shelves to fit the needs of your ...

January 5th, 2017

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