Moving Tips

Does moving have you a little stressed? This is a big step, whether swapping a few items out for open space or switching houses, self storage space, and the right tools could be the keys to a successful move. Better Boxes Self Storage in Fort Mill SC has indoor storage units and storage supplies to assist with your move. Our experts can walk you through renting a storage unit as well as crossing items off your shopping list. U-Haul’s supply guide is useful to budget for just the right amount of supplies for what you are moving. Another handy tool we offer is our storage calculator. If you would rather rent your storage unit online you can handle everything from planning what size unit you will need to signing the lease. Our goal is to make this storage experience positive. 5 STORAGE SUPPLIES YOU WILL NEED WHEN STORING Damp Rid – our storage units are temperature controlled, to help with the moisture we offer Damp Rid in our office. Locks – Security is number one! If you forgot your lock purchase one of our convenient locks in the office. Boxes – Speciality boxes for your wardrobe or hanging items are useful. Check our office for these specialty boxes. Moving Kits – Start off with the basics! Mattress Covers – another layer of protection between the fabric and the storage unit floor will keep moisture from getting trapped in the mattress. WHY OUR TOOLS? Convenience is important for so many during a busy move and this month we are going a step further. With every item purchased, we will donate a percentage of the month-end total to the Susan G Komen foundation. You can help us kick off our charitable season. Our Fort Mill SC storage units are helpful when you need extra space. Talk with us about renting storage today or purchasing moving tools. ...

October 1st, 2019


Moving Tips

Better Boxes Self Storage is more than just storage units. Our facility features all the moving supplies you need. Whether you are planning a move or just need to de-clutter your space, stop by our facility to pick up everything from boxes to bubble wrap. Our storage experts are not only here to help you find the perfect storage unit, but also to ensure you have all the moving supplies you need! Our LocksIn addition to moving supplies, our facility also sells locks to complete your storage move-in. These locks provide the security and peace-of-mind you need when putting your belongings in storage. On these locks, the locking mechanism sits close to the hasp of the storage door. This gives little room for the lock to be tampered with. Purchase your lock in our office to eliminate unnecessary stops and save time! Our locks are convenient and secure! Moving SuppliesBetter Boxes Self Storage sells a variation of boxes, including size and type. From small to extra large boxes, from wardrobe to dish pack boxes, we have the boxes to fit your belongings. In addition, we also sell tape, bubble wrap, and labels. Having the right supplies can ensure your transition is smooth, or just de-clutters your space. Stop into our office on Gold Hill Road and purchase all the products you need!Our storage experts are here for you! After finding you the perfect storage unit, our managers can help you select the supplies needed. Ready to rent your storage unit? Stop by, call now, or rent your storage online.  October SpecialOctober is a great time to purchase the boxes and supplies you need. During October, we will be donating a portion of merchandise sales to the Susan G Komen Foundation, an organization that supports research, education, and awareness for breast cancer awareness. ...

October 17th, 2018


Moving Tips

Warmer weather is coming and for some that means a big move. Did you know our storage units in Fort Mill SC can help speed up your sale. If the house is on the market, show off the best features with a few selling tips. We know this can be a stressful time but when you have the space you need for extra gear, you can focus on finding the right home for your family. MAKE IT SIMPLE It can be tough to walk into a house that has all it’s furnishings and photos on the wall. Make it easy for your buyer to picture themselves living here and settling in. Replace family photos with a few pieces of art or leave the walls with a fresh coat of paint. KITCHEN AND BATHROOM These two rooms are your biggest highlights when your house is on the market. The kitchen should be cleaned as well as any appliances such as the oven and fridge. If they are malfunctioning in any way you will need replace of disclose this to a new buyer. Only leave out appliances you use regularly. Place the blender, extra dinner sets, and pots in a storage unit. The bathroom also needs a thorough cleaning. Consider replacing old mats or towels with a matching set. TRICKS TO IMPROVE YOUR ROOM Plants bring a little life to a dark corner. Either a colored vase of flowers on the table or a small plant makes a room more inviting. Mirrors also have the ability to make a cramped space feel open.If you need space while planning the open house, let Better Boxes Self Storage show you the way. Keep things simple at home with our storage units and helpful solutions. Find the right unit by talking with us today and we will guide you through the whole rental process. ...

February 17th, 2018


Moving Tips

The house is packed, the kids are ready to move, do you know what size storage unit you need? Don’t stop the production now, get the help you need with Better Boxes Self Storage sizing chart. These handy guidelines will show you exactly how much fits in our smallest and largest units. 10×15: 2-3 ROOMS If you are moving your house around a 10×15 unit will make things a lot easier. Stay organized as you spruce up your space. You’ll have room for furniture from 2 to 3 rooms. Fit mattresses, dressers, TVs and more. 10×20: SMALL HOUSE Maybe the basement needs cleared out or the attic needs some organizing. Make the whole process easier on yourself with a little extra room. There is enough space for excess business inventory as well as a few household valuables. You’ll have plenty of space to complete any home improvement project with this storage unit. 10×30: STORE THE WHOLE HOUSE One of our largest unit has enough space, and then some, to protect the whole house. Storing your mattresses, night stands, and different appliances is tricky if space is limited. This large area has 300 square feet waiting to help you find the space for all your treasures. 12×20: RV AND BOAT PARKING We now have the RV and Boat parking spots you need. Summer is here and we wouldn’t want you to miss the exciting adventures that await. Your RV and boat have a designated spot to rest when not in use, and are easily accessible when you are ready to hit the water. TEMPERATURE CONTROLLED: FOR THE PRICELESS ITEMS If the parents are moving and they can no longer house your childhood memories it may be time to consider a unit that will protect them with the utmost care. A temperature controlled storage unit in Fort Mill, SC keeps all your items out of the rising temperatures. This is top of the line and a must have when keeping your treasures safe. Don’t stop production during your move to figure out what ...

July 10th, 2017


Moving Tips

Moving is a stressful occurrence, but choosing the right moving company can help ease the worry. A moving company will make the process easier on you and your family. Finding a moving company that you trust is essential. Follow the below tips when choosing a moving company to make sure you find the one that fits your needs: Make sure you feel absolutely comfortable with whatever moving company you end up using. This is the most important tip! Don’t wait until last minute to research the companies. This will make the process very exhausting and rushed. Look around a few different places for moving companies. Ask friends, ask storage facilities, google the area, and check Angie’s List. Do an initial screening of the company to check their viability and features. Ask if they are insured, if they background check employees, how long they have been in business, if they have the proper licenses to cross state lines, etc. Look at reviews on social media, such as yelp, Facebook,, etc. Ask at least 2 companies for in-home estimates (3-4 are better, so you make sure you get the best price). Make sure the in-home estimates cover everything-check the contract to be sure everything you need is covered/included. Make sure estimates mention appropriate licenses (i.e. carrier license, if applicable) Did the mover make you aware of the moving insurance for your goods? Get a written copy of inventory on moving day from the movers. When your belongings arrive at your new home, immediately check for any damages/missing items. Some moving companies will charge for using their boxes/supplies-make sure there are no hidden charges that you didn’t want. Packing your belongings is always part of the process when moving. The last thing you want to happen when you arrive at your new location is to have broken or damaged belongings.  Below are moving tips to make sure your belongings arrive safely at their new home and to make the process easier: Label boxes with a sharpie or sticker labels. When you begin unpacking in ...

May 12th, 2017


Moving Tips

Need to protect your valuables? Better Boxes Self Storage has the tools you have been searching for. We protect your belongings as if they were our own; that is why we have the on-site support to keep everything looking like day one. Keep reading for tips on all our useful packing supplies. STEP 1: HOW MUCH ARE YOU MOVING? Make an educated guess as to how much you will move, that way you will be sure you have enough material. If you need some help, come talk with us! Small boxes are the most sturdy and can handle the weight of all your books and cd’s. Large boxes are useful for odd sized items, but be careful not to over fill any of the boxes. STEP 2: THE RIGHT TOOLS TO MAKE THE JOB SIMPLE: The commercial grade packing tape will not fail in the heat of the summer. Your boxes will be secure in any temperature. Kraft paper tape is great if you are shipping an item and need to be economical as well as sturdy. Newsprint or kraft paper will disperse any vibrations while moving. Our covers have micro-pores that allow the mattress or items to breathe. The moisture escapes and mildew is prevented. Dish protection kits will save your fine china from any harm. Stretch wrap or shrink wrap will keep little objects secure. STEP 3: PROTECTING YOUR VALUABLES Disk Locks are the best lock for keeping your belongings safe. The stainless-steel material and water resistant features make this the best option. When you need extra space or your business need supplies, Better Boxes Self Storage has the tools on-site. We will show you how to use moving and packing supplies for every moving occasion. ...

April 4th, 2017