College Storage

Looking for storage for a few months? Short term storage options at Better Boxes Self Storage can help while moving or cleaning up around the house. This time of year, students and their parents are looking for Fort Mill SC summer storage and Better Boxes Self Storage has you covered. With a secure indoor storage unit, you can find the extra space you need to store your dorm room items. Better Boxes Self Storage is on the Carolina state border and easily accessible for college students in the surrounding area. Our storage office is right off I-77 so you can access your storage unit while heading home. Storing for the summer helps keep all your school supplies organized. Give us a call today. SUMMER STORAGE TIPS Color coordinate boxes if you plan on storing with friends. Renting a storage unit with a future roommate, can be an easy way to collect items for the apartment next year. If you only need storage for summer, our leases are on a monthly basis. You can set up your online account and pay for the whole summer up front or set up our easy pay option! Give your mini fridge plenty of time to defrost before moving it to storage. Water will drain from the freezer so make sure there is a towel to soak it up. Leave the door open on your fridge and a fresh towel under the door to collect any leftover water while in storage. Forgot your lock or ran out of moving supplies? Our office is stocked with everything you could need when packing. Talk with our store manager to see what and how much is needed. Fort Mill SC summer storage is simple when you have a secure storage unit at Better Boxes Self Storage. We pride ourselves in helping college students store their college belongings for the summer, and families organize their move. Rent your Fort Mill SC storage unit online today or reserve it for a later date. ...

April 11th, 2019


College Storage

Storing school gear this summer? A storage rental at Better Boxes Self Storage will be the solution to what to do with your belongings once school ends. The semester is over and now it is time to head home. Maybe home is pretty far away, or you are planning a year abroad, this is where storage comes in handy. Your valuables will be safe here until the fall or whenever you plan on returning to school. Are leases are flexible so you can stay as long or as little as you need. We are here to make every semester transition just a little easier.Since we are a few weeks away from the end of classes, you will want to start making your summer plans now. While you figure out where you are going on vacation, do not forget about your dorm room. Reserve a unit early so you are guaranteed a spot. We aim to keep our units affordable but you can always ask a friend to go in on the unit with you. There are plenty of ways to store your dorm room and a storage unit here is just what you need to start your break on the right foot.Start with our 6 simple tips for storing your dorm room and let us know how we can assist you! ...

April 17th, 2018