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Does your business need extra storage? Better Boxes Self Storage in Fort Mill SC sits right near the North Carolina-South Carolina border and is close for those south of Charlotte. Our temperature-controlled storage units are perfect for your valuables. Store with us today! What Can You Store in Your Commercial Storage Unit? Decorations Documents Equipment Furniture Inventory Commercial storage units can store whatever you need them to store. Restaurants can store extra tables and chairs. Catering businesses can put away serving tables and equipment. Medical professionals are able to organize their important documents. Let us help you arrange your business so you can best serve your customers! Commercial Storage & Your Company Many businesses like the flexibility self storage offers. Office space can be expensive, but Better Boxes Self Storage offers month-by-month leases, so you only have to pay for what you need. Whether you are looking to store for a few months or a few years, we can help. Home Services and Contractors All the people on your team need to be able to access supplies and tools for your jobs. Many times you do not have enough storage space by your job sites for everything you need. Renting a storage unit in close proximity to a job is an easy way to give everyone that access. Prices are significantly lower for self storage than warehouse and utility costs. E-Commerce Businesses Ready to launch your e-commerce business for your great new product? Do you have a place to store your products when your orders start coming in? Keep you workspace clear for putting together your products and engaging with your customers. Let us hold onto your supplies and inventory until it comes time that you need them. Retail Stores In the age of buying online, customers expect an experience when they walk into a brick-and-mortar store. That can pose a problem when you do not have room to store your inventory and create displays for your products. Create a shop that best represents your business, and store the rest with us. Store ...

September 7th, 2020


Business Storage

Spring cleaning is coming, are you ready? Better Boxes Self Storage is here to be a storage solution for your excess items. Maybe you are swapping your belongings for space or your belongings for cash, we can help you sell online with a storage space for your merchandise. A self storage unit in Fort Mill SC is a convenient option to store your business’s merchandise or household belongings while you move. Better Boxes Self Storage has all indoor self storage so you can worry less about your items in storage and more about promoting them online. Selling gear online is great for college students during summer and recent graduates trying to get ready for life after college. Homeowners can also benefit from selling a few things online. See the steps you need to take for a successful sale. CHOOSE THE RIGHT WEBSITE Finding a place to promote your item is the first question to ask. Where to sell your items online? Offer Up and Let Go both have categories for a gaming systems and electronics. Facebook Marketplace is a great place to post your dining room table or bedroom furniture. Many homeowners are looking here for furnishings. Ebay and Etsy are ideal for specific hobbies and crafts. You can post on multiple selling websites to get the word out there faster! TIPS FOR SELLING ITEMS ONLINE Clear photos are the best way to show off your items. If selling a group of items, take a few good photos and let the description do the rest. Selling in a group is an easy way to get rid of a lot of items fast. Seasonal clothing, shoes, yard equipment, are all good options. Broken or needs repaired? Make it clear to viewers the items you are selling need a little extra attention. Many small businesses set time limits to bring in more views and sell faster. This can be helpful for those on Etsy or EBay. Meet in a public setting to keep both buyer and seller safe. These tips will help you decrease your ...

March 1st, 2019


Business Storage

What is the next step for your company? Growing can be a great feeling but when your current business storage solutions are to small, Better Boxes Self Storage is there to assist. We have indoor storage units, moving supplies sold on site, and parking spaces to make storing your items simple. BENEFITS OF STORING YOUR OFFICE HERE Open 7 days a week access when you want with 6am – 10pm gate hoursExtra large units availableWide hallways for easier navigation professional ready to answer your questions WHAT SHOULD YOU STORE Many companies store extra products, to aid the hectic seasonFiles from past jobs or patientsEquipment used seasonallyOnline stores use storage for supplies or products When you need a place to keep the extras for your organization out of harms way, Better Boxes Self Storage has your Fort Mill SC storage units. Our temperature controlled storage units are the business storage solutions for excess inventory, documents, or anything you need to move from the main office. We help home owners and companies find the best answers for saving space, money, and time. Take a tour today or rent online for a fast rental process. ...

July 9th, 2018


Business Storage

Temperature controlled storage, a storage must have? At Better Boxes Self Storage we view temperature controlled storage as a benefit to help against extreme weather. The added protection keeps papers from becoming brittle and your wood furniture will thank you as well. As weather shifts to a new season, extreme heat or cold can be detrimental to your belongings. This is important to keep in mind especially if you are storing business equipment. You want it looking sharp for the next show or business meeting. The calendar is full for our realtors in the area at the first sign of spring. To keep their listed homes looking their best they talk about storing items not in use. While you clean the kitchen and rest of the house, go through cabinets looking for things you can do without until you find your new home. If the object normally gets used seldom, chances are you are not using it while you sell your house.The housing market sees a noticeable change but so do small businesses. Whether it is a small business run from your home office or a kiosk at the local shopping center, consider storage for your extra goods. Indoor storage will give you a place to keep your merchandise safe. BUSINESSES BENEFITING FROM SELF STORAGE Mechanics Photographers Professional Stagers Apartment Management Companies Whether it is  equipment or last years tax forms, indoor temperature controlled storage is the answer. So you can keep the new clients coming Better Boxes Self Storage is here to get your office organized. Our property is monitored through 24 hour recorded video and personalized codes.When you want a storage unit in Fort Mill SC rent online with just a couple clicks. Call us and talk to the store manager or come in to take a look around. ...

June 1st, 2018


Business Storage

Are you a small business in Fort Mill, SC? If space around the office is limited and expansion is the next step, consider storage at Better Boxes Self Storage. With our supplies on site and variety of business storage spaces you will find exactly what you need. We offer temperature controlled units for those important tax documents and drive up storage for the heavy filing cabinets.How can you benefit from business storage? If the paper boxes are reaching for the ceiling and the supply closet needs reorganized the storage experts are here to help with suggestions of what to store. Tax forms and records from prior years are very important but not always necessary for day-to-day functions. Keeping them in a temperature controlled environment is helpful for your space saving needs. Signage and other marketing materials used occasionally at trade shows, public events, etc. It’s never good when you open up the closet and see your signs damaged or broken. Avoid this by giving them their own space. Extra supplies bought in bulk for a later date, like pallets of paper or large boxes filled with tape, staples and more. The experts at Better Boxes Self Storage in Fort Mill SC are ready to guide your business into the perfect storage. You’ll find room for the extra inventory, spare desks and large filing cabinets. Take a tour with us today and see which space is ideal for you! ...

August 8th, 2017


Business Storage

The house is packed, the kids are ready to move, do you know what size storage unit you need? Don’t stop the production now, get the help you need with Better Boxes Self Storage sizing chart. These handy guidelines will show you exactly how much fits in our smallest and largest units. 10×15: 2-3 ROOMS If you are moving your house around a 10×15 unit will make things a lot easier. Stay organized as you spruce up your space. You’ll have room for furniture from 2 to 3 rooms. Fit mattresses, dressers, TVs and more. 10×20: SMALL HOUSE Maybe the basement needs cleared out or the attic needs some organizing. Make the whole process easier on yourself with a little extra room. There is enough space for excess business inventory as well as a few household valuables. You’ll have plenty of space to complete any home improvement project with this storage unit. 10×30: STORE THE WHOLE HOUSE One of our largest unit has enough space, and then some, to protect the whole house. Storing your mattresses, night stands, and different appliances is tricky if space is limited. This large area has 300 square feet waiting to help you find the space for all your treasures. 12×20: RV AND BOAT PARKING We now have the RV and Boat parking spots you need. Summer is here and we wouldn’t want you to miss the exciting adventures that await. Your RV and boat have a designated spot to rest when not in use, and are easily accessible when you are ready to hit the water. TEMPERATURE CONTROLLED: FOR THE PRICELESS ITEMS If the parents are moving and they can no longer house your childhood memories it may be time to consider a unit that will protect them with the utmost care. A temperature controlled storage unit in Fort Mill, SC keeps all your items out of the rising temperatures. This is top of the line and a must have when keeping your treasures safe. Don’t stop production during your move to figure out what ...

July 10th, 2017


Business Storage

Better Boxes Self Storage in Fort Mill, SC offers convenient storage options. Whether you are moving or your small business is expanding, we have the right space for you. We want to highlight a customer who has expanded his business by using self storage.Memories By Marcos is storing with Better Boxes Self Storage because of our temperature controlled storage units. Our convenient location offers the perfect spot for Marcos to have a work area for his flower shop. These delicate items are in the best space for him to work at any time. When asked why he chose this location in Fort Mill, SC he said, “I chose Better Boxes because it’s beautiful, a great location, and the price was right.” Our storage units and self storage features make it the best place to help budding businesses grow.All our customers benefit from our clean facility. This is one feature many small businesses look for when searching for a place to expand. Our courteous storage experts are here to help all our customers. Our number one goal is make your storage experience a great one! STOP IN TO TALK WITH OUR STORAGE MANAGER ABOUT HOW WE CAN HELP YOU. ...

June 19th, 2017