storage unit size guide
July 18, 2021

Storage Unit Size Guide

storage unit size guide
How do you know if you have too many items for a storage unit? Whether you are looking for a large or small storage unit, Better Boxes Self Storage offers temperature-controlled solutions near Charlotte NC. We created the storage unit size guide below to make the storage experience easier for you. Check it out!

Better Boxes Self Storage Unit Size Guide

Small Storage Units

There is no reason for you to take up space in your home with your Christmas tree and holiday decorations. Stash them with us so you can make room for more important everyday items. Small storage units are comparable to a walk-in closet. You can store your mattress and a few other large pieces of furniture. The key is to pack your belongings so they are stackable. Boxes and bins store items neatly and pack well around desks and dressers.
Our small storage units (temperature control): 5×5, 5×10

Medium Storage Units

Medium storage units have plenty of space to store the contents of your apartment as you move. They can hold two to three rooms’ worth of items, including queen- and king-sized mattresses and refrigerators. And if you are an outdoor sportsman, these storage units can hold your jet skis, kayaks, canoes, and motorcycles in the offseason. Businesses can also use self storage commercially. Medium storage units are great options to store equipment and files. Month-by-month renting gives you more flexibility than finding office space.

Large Storage Units

If you are moving houses and need to store your items until you can unpack, Better Boxes has large storage units that can keep your dining room furniture, entertainment center, and bedroom items safe. You may also want to store garage/shed tools and items, like lawn mowers, golf clubs, snow blowers, boats, and trailers. And there should still be some room to spare for you to walk through the storage unit and access your possessions.
Our large storage units (temperature control): 10×15, 10×20, 15×15, 10×25, 10×30

Storing with Better Boxes Self Storage

Better Boxes Self Storage on Gold Hill Road in Fort Mill SC has temperature-controlled storage units available in various sizes. Explore our options, and visit our sizing calculator to help you determine the correct size for the amount of items you are looking to store. Rent online with, or reserve for future use without giving any credit card information.