September 8, 2020

Does Your Business Need Commercial Storage?

Does your business need extra storage? Better Boxes Self Storage in Fort Mill SC sits right near the North Carolina-South Carolina border and is close for those south of Charlotte. Our temperature-controlled storage units are perfect for your valuables. Store with us today!

What Can You Store in Your Commercial Storage Unit?

  • Decorations
  • Documents
  • Equipment
  • Furniture
  • Inventory
Commercial storage units can store whatever you need them to store. Restaurants can store extra tables and chairs. Catering businesses can put away serving tables and equipment. Medical professionals are able to organize their important documents. Let us help you arrange your business so you can best serve your customers!

Commercial Storage & Your Company

Many businesses like the flexibility self storage offers. Office space can be expensive, but Better Boxes Self Storage offers month-by-month leases, so you only have to pay for what you need. Whether you are looking to store for a few months or a few years, we can help.
Home Services and Contractors
All the people on your team need to be able to access supplies and tools for your jobs. Many times you do not have enough storage space by your job sites for everything you need. Renting a storage unit in close proximity to a job is an easy way to give everyone that access. Prices are significantly lower for self storage than warehouse and utility costs.
E-Commerce Businesses
Ready to launch your e-commerce business for your great new product? Do you have a place to store your products when your orders start coming in? Keep you workspace clear for putting together your products and engaging with your customers. Let us hold onto your supplies and inventory until it comes time that you need them.
Retail Stores
In the age of buying online, customers expect an experience when they walk into a brick-and-mortar store. That can pose a problem when you do not have room to store your inventory and create displays for your products. Create a shop that best represents your business, and store the rest with us.

Store with Better Boxes Self Storage

Better Boxes Self Storage has indoor storage complete with temperature control. This comes in handy for sensitive items like documents and inventory. Start storing with Better Boxes Self Storage to grow your business to its fullest potential! Our Fort Mill SC facility experts are ready to help!Rent or reserve your commercial storage unit today!