May 10, 2019


Planning a summer move this year? With nice weather on rise, this is the perfect season to sell your house. If you need to move for work or want to start a new chapter for your family Better Boxes Self Storage can help. Maybe moves out of state are in your future, with a storage unit in Fort Mill SC you have the extra space you need. Better Boxes Self Storage has interior storage units that make storing your belongings during a move a little easier. From the time you find out your house is going on the market to moving in to your new home, our Better Boxes Self Storage team is here to guide you. Moving soon? Make your storage reservation online! Two weeks all the advance notice we need and your Fort Mill SC storage unit is saved.


  1. Get your house noticed on the market with open space. An open floor plan is what many potential buyers are looking for. Your belongings will be safe in our interior storage units while you list the house.
  2. Find moving supplies a plenty in our office! Make sure you pick up all the tools you need to make packing easy.
  3. Find storage rentals online and resources to help, here. Use our storage calculator to determine the right size unit. This common question is broken down into a few easy questions.


You successfully moved to another state, home, or neighborhood, now what? Not only are we experts in storing your gear, but moving and storage go together. Our moving tips for after a big move will help you get organized and keep everyone in the know.
  1. If you have not started the process to forward your mail make sure this is the first check on your to do list. You can pick up a forwarding packet at the post office or you can do it online.
  2. Moving out of state requires a new registrations, plates on your car, and updated insurance. Many states require this to be done within at least 30 days.
  3. Go shopping for basics in your pantry. This first shopping trip will include a few dry goods and cleaning supplies you ran out of. This list will help you forget nothing.
If this summer entails a big move, let Better Boxes Self Storage help. We are close to several Fort Mill SC neighborhoods and close to I-77, so come in for a tour today!