March 4, 2019


Spring cleaning is coming, are you ready? Better Boxes Self Storage is here to be a storage solution for your excess items. Maybe you are swapping your belongings for space or your belongings for cash, we can help you sell online with a storage space for your merchandise. A self storage unit in Fort Mill SC is a convenient option to store your business’s merchandise or household belongings while you move. Better Boxes Self Storage has all indoor self storage so you can worry less about your items in storage and more about promoting them online. Selling gear online is great for college students during summer and recent graduates trying to get ready for life after college. Homeowners can also benefit from selling a few things online. See the steps you need to take for a successful sale.


Finding a place to promote your item is the first question to ask. Where to sell your items online?
  1. Offer Up and Let Go both have categories for a gaming systems and electronics.
  2. Facebook Marketplace is a great place to post your dining room table or bedroom furniture. Many homeowners are looking here for furnishings.
  3. Ebay and Etsy are ideal for specific hobbies and crafts.
You can post on multiple selling websites to get the word out there faster!


  1. Clear photos are the best way to show off your items. If selling a group of items, take a few good photos and let the description do the rest.
  2. Selling in a group is an easy way to get rid of a lot of items fast. Seasonal clothing, shoes, yard equipment, are all good options.
  3. Broken or needs repaired? Make it clear to viewers the items you are selling need a little extra attention.
  4. Many small businesses set time limits to bring in more views and sell faster. This can be helpful for those on Etsy or EBay.
  5. Meet in a public setting to keep both buyer and seller safe.
These tips will help you decrease your extra items and sell online. Better Boxes Self Storage can help stow your seasonal gear away and be a safe location for your valuables.