December 4, 2017


Enjoying moments with family is most important this time of year. Better Boxes Self Storage has helped you find the storage solutions for every season and situation. Now is the time to make memories on a grand scale with our holiday initiative.Every year we focus on an charity that needs a little love during the holidays. This year we chose March of Dimes, an organization helping babies born prematurely or with birth defects. March of Dimes is popular throughout the United States because of how much they give to parents facing an a traumatic new born health issue. The joys of having a child are similar to a roller coaster. Ever parent will tell you, nothing is more rewarding than watching your little one grow up. From the donations given, these parents watch their babies grow strong and healthy, even when the odd are against them. There are nearly 4 million babies born every year, and those born early need our help. By giving to the March of Dimes you are supporting a family who is fighting for their babies life.President Franklin Roosevelt began the foundation because he was directly affected with a disease called polio. It was a very common complication that affected babies for the rest of their lives. March of Dimes, then the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis, began extensively searching for a solution to polio. They funded research for a vaccine and eventually came up with the preventative method that would eradicated the disease in the United States. Once the original mission was complete, the foundation turned it’s attention to premature birth defect and infant mortality.Now they promote new born screening and tips for a healthy pregnancy.The March of Dimes continues to take donations all year round. Please consider donating to a charity that is fighting for the health of our next generation. Thank you to those who give this year.