September 6, 2017


It is that time of year again to start preparing for cooler weather. Let Better Boxes Self Storage in Fort Mill, SC guide you through the long or short term storage process. We have the secure space to protect all your camping equipment and tips to find the best places to recycle near you. Start with our guide to ready the tools for the change in seasons.
Staying organized is important when swapping out belongings. Before you shut the door for the winter, make sure to go through items going in and coming out. Look for anything broken or no longer useful. Send damaged goods to recycling and unwanted items to a thrift store.While swapping out your clothes keep in mind your local Goodwill and Salvation Army. These locations accept lightly used clothing and will provide them to families in need. Since winter is coming soon local shelters are another great destination for unwanted clothes, shoes and blankets.When it is time to upgrade the living room furniture schedule a pick up for the older model. Habitat for Humanity offers many donation times for used furniture. They work hard to provide gently used household items to families just starting out or going through hardships.Your local recycling authority accepts more than plastic, paper, and glass. Reach out to see if yard waste, batteries and Styrofoam containers are accepted for your weekly pick up. Recycle these easy to find products and make a difference with our environment.Get ready for back to school and pumpkin carving without worrying about your valuables. There are lots of activities to enjoy when fall rolls around and with our recycling tips you can take part. For all your belongings you want to store until next year, stop in to talk with Better Boxes Self Storage today.